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We are BONGOS bound for FALL 2017!  

Please join us for our upcoming semester, celebrating Music Together®'s BONGOS Collection of songs, starting the week of September 14th.  

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Did you know that all children..and people... are musical?  Yes, it's true!  All humans are wired to enjoy and participate in music activities....so why not do Music Together?  Let's nurture this ability like we do so many others, like walking, talking, playing, socializing.....our children need us and they need our music too, silly opera, off-key notes, pots and pans clangin'!!  Music Together Family Class helps parents be musically local and accessible to their kiddos, and in the process music becomes an easy, understandable, life-long friend to your child.


To learn about us at Music Together, you need to included because the parents are the true stars of our show (don't tell the kids...).  Please read "About Us."  







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Aug 01, 2017
BONGOS or Bust!

Hey Everybody!  August 1st marks the opening of FALL 2017 registration.  The BONGOS collection of Music Together songs is our new album of tunes to play with and I am ready to make some music!! How about you?  

There are classes offered here in Lewisburg, PA on Thursday and Friday morning starting the week of Sept. 14th!  Register HERE.

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